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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Taking Advantage of Custom Writing Services Plagiarism Checker

There are two main reasons why students prefer to use custom writing services for their homework assignments over any other sources of help, such as software for automated writing.
Firstly, the services give them the highest chances of receiving the grade that they want. More importantly, since the writer composes the paper or essay from scratch, it is completely original and free from plagiarized content. But is this really the case?

You can expect a genuine service for custom writing to offer a plagiarism guarantee. With it, you will be able to check the ready piece with a tool designed to detect plagiarism. If you find any problems, the writer will be required to make the necessary changes without charging you. Let’s take a closer look at the problem and at the tool so that you can be 100% certain that your essay or paper is genuine.

The Issue of Plagiarism
You need to understand that not only directly copied content is regarded as plagiarized. If the writer takes someone else’s idea and presents it in her own words without acknowledging the person’s authorship, this is also considered to be plagiarism. That is why you should always hire a service provided by an experienced writer who know when and how to create references to the sources used.

Using an Advanced Plagiarism Checker
Many custom writing services have plagiarism detection tools available on their website. These are reliable and easy to use just like all of the most popular checkers available on the web. However, since the academic rules regarding plagiarism are extremely strict, as explained earlier, you will benefit from using a more sophisticated too. Check if your school offers one and don’t hesitate to use it.

Keep in mind that even the most basic plagiarism checker can detect copied content like a quote from a well-known article, for instance. However, if the quote is properly acknowledged, it will not be regarded as plagiarized content.

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