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Friday, May 27, 2016

Should a Writer or Software Type My Essay?

Should a Writer or Software Type My Essay?

I cannot do my essay. I’ve given up simply because the homework is too much and I have only little time. Now I’m searching for essay help online. I have found that it is possible to hire a writer and to use ready software for writing. Which is the better option? Let’s find out.

The Two Options Compared
Let’s see what happens when you hire a human professional to write your essay. You can expect to receive a custom service. This means that you will submit your assignment along with a set of requirements and instructions. If any of these criteria isn’t met, you will be entitled to free editing of the ready piece.
Since the best writer is matched to the job, you can expect her to have a degree which is the same or higher compared to the one which you aim for and to be a specialist in the respective academic discipline.

With a custom writing service, you can set the required timeframe for the completion of the work. You can have the ready essay in just eight hours. It will be based on detailed research and well written too. It will be free from plagiarism and come with a guarantee for this. You will have the opportunity to read it and to request any changes to be made, if needed.

With a service based on software, you will need to present the topic only. Sometimes, you have to keep pushing a button on the keyboard and the text will appear on the screen “miraculously”. This is actually content which has been taken directly from different websites. This means that your essay will be regarded and plagiarized and that this will be very easy to prove. Alternatively, the software will take text from websites or from an existing essay on the same topics and replace the majority of words with synonyms. The result will be complete nonsense.

Making the Right Decision
Which one should I choose to type my essay? There is no point in using software even if this kind of service is cheap or free as you will get into serious trouble with your professor and with your school as a whole. You should know that the custom services are quite affordable, at the same time More importantly, with them, you will have peace of mind that you will submit an essay of good quality which has not been copied.
You now have all the information necessary for making the best choice.

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